Building Permit Fees

The Building Division is responsible for the collection of fees adopted by the County in association with building permits. 

When submitting your plans, you will be required to pay a plan review fee. This fee is equal to 65% of your building permit fee and is charged in addition to the building permit fee. Depending on the nature of the project you also may also be asked to pay for a basic use permit ($500), grading and erosion control fee ($700 for plan level and $400 for statement level), small wastewater facility/septic ($250 for the first bedroom and $100 for every bedroom after that for new and $50 for repairs/renewals), and/or sewer connection ($100) at the time of submission.  The remainder of the fees are due and payable at the time you pick-up the approved building permit. Those fees may also include energy mitigation, affordable housing, plumbing, and mechanical. The energy mitigation and affordable housing worksheets are located at the bottom of this page.   For an itemized list of plumbing and mechanical fees please refer to the pdf also at the bottom of this page.  If you have any questions regarding fees or need a fee estimate for a project please call 307-733-7030 and ask to speak to the Building Official.


If you decide not to build after you have received your building permit you may be eligible for a refund of up to 80% of all non-review related fees and 100% refund of the Affordable Housing and Energy Mitigation fees.   . 

Housing Mitigation Requirements

Teton County updated its Housing Mitigation Requirements in July, 2018 and again in December, 2020. Use the  Affordable Housing Fee Calculator available here for download to estimate fees for your new development.  If you have questions about this fee please call the Planning Department at 307-733-7030 and ask to speak to the Planner of the Day. 

Fee Tables & Fee Adoption