Levee Systems Facts

Upkeep & Inspection

The Teton County Levee Department collaborates with the Army Corp. of Engineers, stationed in Walla Walla, WA. The Snake River and Gros Ventre Levee System have 24.5 miles of levees along the Snake River in Teton County. These 24.5 miles of levees were built by the Corp. of Engineers and are maintained by Corp. of Engineers with assistance from Teton County. There are some private levees that were built and are maintained by private landowners.

The Corp. of Engineers comes to Jackson Hole in July of each year to complete an inspection of the levees. During this inspection, the Fall Rehabilitation Schedule is decided by evaluating the amount of riprap lost during the spring runoff. The Fall Rehab is done in October which is the lowest water level of Snake River.

Snake River Flows

1997 was a record year for the Snake River flows which were recorded at 32,027 cubic feet per second on June 11th. For a daily update of the Snake River flows go to the USGS Wyoming Current Streamflow Conditions website or call 1-800-658-5771.

Snow Precipitation

There are gauges located at various sites along the Teton range to measure snow precipitation and water content. For daily reports go to the Snow Precipitation Update website maintained by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.