The weighted drawing System

Affordable and Workforce Housing Drawings

The Housing Department identifies buyers of Affordable and Workforce homes by conducting a Weighted Drawing. Households must have worked full-time (average of 30 hours per week or 1,560 hours per year) for at least one year immediately prior to entering a drawing. Households who have worked in Teton County full-time for more than one year will receive an additional entry in the drawing for each consecutive year up to 10 years (entries). Households who have qualified Critical Services Providers (CSPs) will receive an entry in the drawing for each CSP up to two. The maximum amount of entries a household may have in a weighted drawing is 12. Ten entries for years worked and two entries for CSPs. All hours/years worked must be verified before an entry will be given.

To be eligible to enter a weighted drawing, the household size must fit the minimum occupancy requirements as follows:

Studio or one-bedroom:     One or two person household

Two bedroom:                    One or two adults with at least one dependent

Three bedroom:                 One or two adults with at least two dependents

Four bedroom:                   One or two adults with at least three dependents               

The Housing Department will Provide a list of households along with the number of entries each household has to an outside independent firm who will then put all the entries into a bucket and draw them out. Households will be recorded as they are drawn in the order they are drawn. If the first household drawn declines to purchase the home, it will be offered to the second household drawn, and so on.

Click here for forms needed to enter a Weighted Drawing.