NEW! Remote Virtual Inspections

Remote virtual inspections for insulation, drywall, underfloor framing, and masonry fireplaces will be conducted between 8:00 am-Noon and from 1:00-3:30 P.M.

When requesting an inspection, please provide a two hour window within these times listed above that the contractor will be available for the inspection. The building inspector will then be in contact (at end of day or in the morning on the day of the inspection) in an effort to narrow the two hour window to a shorter time frame and to discuss the inspection request. Communication via text messaging may transpire to facilitate coordination efforts. 

**The contractor is required to have a compatible device (i.e. smart phone or tablet) with video and audio capabilities; the device should be fully-charged with suitable power supply during the duration of the inspection. The jobsite will need to have Wi-Fi or cellular service.**

This is a temporary measure under the current extreme staffing shortage situation and is not meant as a substitution for required Teton County inspections under normal circumstances. Any inspections conducted during this period will be noted as being completed under these terms. The Contractor and property owner shall always be responsible for ensuring compliance with the adopted codes, regardless of the inspection method no matter the circumstances. If later inspections reveal noncompliance with the adopted codes or approved plans or development approvals, the contractor will be required to rectify the non-compliant work. Failure to so discover during these violations or failures during utilization of abbreviated virtual inspections shall not constitute a waiver of the County’s ability to enforce the adopted Codes or the scope of issued permits and approvals. If any portion of the permitted scope of work inspected in this manner comes under future scrutiny or produces any sort of questionable construction or is found defective the County assumes no additional liability beyond what is defined in the currently adopted Building Code and the Contractor carries all normally assumed and assigned liability as defined by Code, Profession and Licensing.