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COVID Testing Options
COVID Testing Options (1)

What are my PCR testing options in Teton County, WY? 

  • Call the Teton County Health Department at (307) 733-6401 if you are symptomatic and uninsured or underinsured and believe you need a COVID-19 test. Someone will assist you in determining if you need a COVID-19 test and order the correct test for you.

  • Free at home Vault test

    • Pain-free saliva test 

    • Free for all Wyoming residents - shipping included

    • Drop off at any of these locations 

    • Results expected within 24 to 72 hours after your specimen has been collected and received by the lab. 

  • Albertson’s at home Saliva Test 

    • Cost is $139 

    • Request your test online and schedule a pick up 

    • Results will be delivered to you via text or email within 72 hours of the lab receiving the sample

  • St. John’s Health 

    • Call 307-739-4898, option 3, for a phone evaluation if you are experiencing any symptoms and believe you need a COVID-19 test 

    • Your insurance will be billed for the testing cost 

  • Curative Surveillance Testing for Businesses 

    • Managed by Teton County Health Department 

    • Pain-free cheek swab

    • Free for businesses and employees in Jackson, WY

    • Employees receive results via email

  • Vault for Businesses
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So you tested POSITIVE for COVID-19? 

Step 1. Begin to self-isolate right away. This means separating from everyone – use your own bed and bathroom when possible, wearing a mask inside if you have to share common spaces, wiping down surfaces with a disinfectant frequently and attempting to keep distances significantly greater than 6 feet at all times. Isolation is a vital step in keeping sick people away from healthy people to stop the virus from spreading. Please stay at home, on your property, except if you need to receive medical care. However, most people with COVID-19 are able to recover at home. 

Step 2. A worker with the Teton County Health Department’s Isolate and Trace Team will be calling you in 24-48 hours to help you figure out ‘next steps’. They will conduct an interview to understand your situation, answer questions, provide education, identify and anticipate needs and evaluate who you may have been in close contact with (and may be at risk for becoming sick) while you were infectious. It is important that you talk with them or call them back if they leave a message.