Rehabilitation of North Spring Gulch Road

Construction project for resurfacing and drainage improvements on Northern Spring Gulch Road, County Road 22-4, between Riva Ridge Road and Bar BC Road. This includes paving of the existing gravel road, approximately 1 mile in length and replacement of, and installation of new drainage and irrigation culverts.

Staff has worked on this project for several years to attempt to acquire additional road easement to allow for traffic calming elements, more space for a pathway, and irrigation ditch alterations. Unfortunately, this has not been successful to date. Staff intends to continue to plan for a separated pathway on the west side of the road, but not as part of this project.  For a printable version of the document below, please click HERE


   Spring Gulch


Spring Creek 2

Spring Creek 3

Map Showing the End of Project  (End of Pavement)   SGR

Map Showing the Beginning of the Project (Start of Pavement)


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