Registration Practice

Click HERE to access the DEMO Registration

DEMO Username and Password is also your LIVE Username and Password.  If you are unsure, please contact the front desk at 307-732-9025.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Any changes to login, password, or any account information made in DEMO will NOT be made in Live.  

If this does not work you can create a NEW imaginary account.  

Registration Directions

Steps to Register a Child

  1. Go to
  2. On the left side of the page click on the clipboard icon that says “Register”
  3. Once on this page, you have two options to find the program:
    1. You can click on the link to “after school” under the “youth enrichment” box.
    2. You can search for the program by going to the search menu at the top and then clicking on “Activity Search”. Then you will select Afterschool in the “type” box and hit search.
  4. If you click the link it will take you directly to the program, if you do the search, Après-School Adventures should be listed if you scroll down.
  5. At this point you can register for 3 things. Après-School Adventures, After Programs Shuttle (for participants attending Munger) and No School Day Adventures.
  6. Find the appropriate grade group and school in the listed options. Remember, if you register your child for the incorrect school they will be taken off the list and could result in you losing after school care for your child.
    1. Grade groups are broken down by K-1st, 2nd-3rd & 4th- 5th.
    2. You must choose the school your child attends for Après-School Adventures.
    3. If your child attends Moran, Kelly, or Wilson Elementary Schools, you will register for Jackson Elementary Après School Adventures.
    4. If your child attends Colter Elementary School you may choose between Munger and Jackson Elementary Schools.
  7. From here you can click on the calendar icon in the left hand column:
    1. This will open up a monthly calendar.  For the days you need, you click on the "+" sign in the green box.  DO NOT click on the plus sign to the right of the date.  Be sure you are clicking on the plus sign within the green box.  You can click on as many dates as you like.  This will add them to your queue at the bottom of the screen.  
  8. Once you have all your selections in the queue, click the “add to cart” button on the bottom.
  9. Now it will prompt you to sign in. (You can also sign in prior to completing all these steps by clicking the “login” button in the header of the page.)
  10. If you do not yet have an account, please create one by clicking on the link.
  11. If you’ve followed these steps, you will now have to select which child you want to register in the dates you selected. If a child’s name does not appear, that’s because you have not entered the child’s birth date and/or they are not eligible for the program due to age or grade.
  12. Click Continue
  13. Here you will be able to review your car and remove any dates you accidentally clicked on or return to shopping cart to add days. If everything looks good, click “proceed to checkout”.
  14. Now you are on the payment screen. Remember, payment must be made in full by credit card.
  15. This should complete your purchase.

Important Notes

  • Registration is online only and payment is only via credit card.
  • Once registered, cancellations will only be credited or refunded if the spot is filled.
  • Please be sure you login to our live website prior to registration to insure you have the correct login information and that your children are correctly setup on your account. The system screens according to the child’s birth date/age, so please make sure their ages are correct in the system.
    • Reminder: Even if you have used our registration system in the past, please double check that all of your information is in the system and is correct.