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 March 7, 2017: County moves down Road to Zero Waste

 March 3, 2017: Teton County Travels Down the Road to Zero Waste

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September 17, 2014: Teton County Commissioners Take Historic Action and Approve Zero Waste Resolution

September 17, Jackson, WY - The Teton County Board of Commissioners has taken historic action by unanimously adopting a Zero Waste Resolution.  As a result, a decade from now, Teton County’s opportunities to divert waste from the landfill will be greater than they are today, possibly including programs such as food waste composting and widespread commingled collection of recyclables.  The Zero Waste Plan, a result of the Zero Waste Resolution, will be designed to achieve the initial goal of 60% diversion of waste from the landfill by the year 2030.

The adoption of the resolution makes Teton County the first community with a Zero Waste Resolution in Wyoming, Montana or Idaho, and one of only six in the Rocky Mountain region.  Only 31 communities in the United States have passed Zero Waste Resolutions.

Commissioner Han Phibbs commented, “I strongly support the fundamentally-responsible stewardship that has been reflected by this organization’s board and staff in terms of setting a bar that I hope all will follow.  This resolution inspires us to take advantage of every opportunity to leave the lightest footprint that we can on our land for future generations.”

Currently, almost 40,000 tons of waste is generated in Teton County each year by residents, businesses, visitors and institutions, and approximately 66% of this amount is sent over 100 miles away for landfill disposal. It costs Teton County residents $110/ton to do so. As landfilling and hauling costs, specifically for environmental mitigation and fuel, continue to rise, so will Teton County’s tip fee for landfill-bound materials.  It's important that we take steps now to reduce those costs and impacts.

The other 34% is diverted through our voluntary recycling and composting program, saving residents almost $850,000 in disposal fees in FY2014. The Zero Waste initiative goals will be achieved through a variety of means, perhaps including expanded organics composting, including food waste, recycling programs and construction and demolition recycling and reuse. By the end of FY2015, a Zero Waste Plan will be formulated that will outline specifically how the overall and incremental goals will be achieved.

The Plan dovetails with the State of Wyoming’s directive that Teton County’s historic landfill be closed and capped to remediate groundwater contamination, as well as the upcoming transfer station renovation which is scheduled to begin in 2016.

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