Building Community

BackgroundCommunity Festival with Patrons Standing Under Yellow and Red Umbrellas

Jackson and Teton County have historically been characterized by a  socially and economically diverse population, united by a community commitment to Ecosystem Stewardship, Growth Management, and Quality of Life (this community's three common values in the Comprehensive Plan). Daily interaction between year-round residents, second homeowners, seasonal workers, long-time families and new community members has become a defining characteristic that the community wants to preserve. In other mountain resorts, the loss of a local workforce and associated diversity has indicated the loss of a sense of community. By ensuring that at least 65% of our local workforce lives locally, we can retain our valued community character.


JTCAH's role is to implement the housing policies laid out in the Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations. These policies and regulations are in place to meet the goal of housing at least 65% of the workforce locally.